.............a few thoughts on my photography

                                                                                                                    pho·tog·ra·phy ( täg′rə)


                                                                                                               the art or process of                          

                                                                                                               producing images of objects        

                                                                                                               upon a photosensitive surface 

                                                                                                               (as film in a camera) by the                                                     

                                                                                                               chemical action of light or

                                                                                                               other radiant energy


The digital revolution was the best thing in photography thats happened to me.


Because my cousin went digital and gave me his Mamiya

medium format film kit..bless his little heart.

It changed my approach to photography and reinforced

my decision to operate almost exclusively in film and

mostly black and white.

These film cameras go whirrrrr when you wind on and

ker-lunk when you press the shutter. You know youve

taken a photo.


Theres no million option menuhmm have I got the

right White Point, is it RAW 1,2 or 3 or

checking the histogram.

These cameras are about photography.

And, no continual upgrading, theyll last for decades,

in fact already have.

Ive photographed ever since I can remember and

rememberings getting harder because Im now classed

as a Senior Citizen.

For 30 years I was a television reporter/producer/field director, travelling Australia and the world. I shots stills at the same time for photo libraries in London, Tokyo and Sydney and wrote and photographed for magazines.

This was all 35mm film gear shooting in transparency.which I still use.

They are my 1990's vintage Canon EOS 5s.and the Widelux 35mm panoramic.

Now I find there are really two strands to my work, photojournalism, and fine art.

The images you see are as shot. I apply dark room rules to displaying my work. If it can be genuinely done in the darkroom I will apply the digital

equivalent on the websiteif it cant I wont.

Any of my work that has been printed digitally or

digitally altered more than I think possible in a

darkroom will be labelled

Photo/digital(usually with explanation).

I have seen so many images I thought were fantastic

shots, labelled photographs, only to learn that they

owe far far more to the computer than the camera.

I dont mind that so long as Im told if Im looking

at good photography, good computer skills or

possibly both.

I dont have an aversion to reality in fact I like to

see the human condition portrayed as is and

landscape as it exists. For better or worse reality is

a window on the planet and the human condition.

While photos, both film and digital, have always

been edited, digital is taking editing so much further.

In my opinion, photography is being devalued as

people become cynical of the image presented,

especially in photojournalism.

I no longer trust what I see with photography

and increasingly people are asking if the image, its

composition, colours or even subject are truthful or                                                               Kate 2004


Truth in photography is an issue (see Links, for stories

I reported and produced for the Australian Broadcasting Corporations  current affairs programme


I dont shoot to a tight deadline and I don’t shoot hundreds of frames, nor do I need to email the shots, so I dont really need digital. I dont trust digital storage having lost  so much vision in digital TVland to a variety of technical problems. Digital photography isnt that much cheaper than film when you cost the computer add-ons, constant camera and computer programme updates, hard drive and library updates and the time spent on the computer with photos and library work. I like negatives and can scan them to any file size or format now or in the future, when the digital format has changed yet again.

I marvel at past photographers, the quality of their work, their understanding of light, their elegant composures and their beautiful and long-lasting prints. These people were skilled in their profession. Look at Life Magazine or Stern and the work of photographers such as Cartier Bresson, Larry Burrows and Frank Hurley to name just a few....all on film, no motordrives, no photoshop.

Beautiful work.

I think Ill do my best to be like them, and produce quality

hand-crafted images in a push button digital age.

I dont mind photo/digital artists, especially if they let me know,

but I want to be  photographer not a computer operator.

So now with time on my hands and living in the beautiful

Northern Rivers area of New South Wales

(inland from Byron Bay) I can wait for

the light, wait for the image, because film

or digital its still all about subject and light.


Australian Photographic Portrait Prize 2004

As part of the prestigious Archibald

Prize for portrait painting, the Art

Gallery of NSW also held a

photographic portrait competition. 

My black and white portrait of an

unemployed man called ‘Peter’ was

one of them.

Red Lens Photographic Competition


Organised by Charles Sturt University.

Two of my photographs were selected among the

125 finalists and one “Girls Game, Siem Reap,

Cambodia’ won third prize.

This photo remains in the University Collection

Maritime Union of Australia Exhibition. 2008

Photographs in a mixed art exhibition held by the MUA at their National Conference in Sydney April 2008.

Twelve shots from the series Sydney Tugboats are held in the MUA art collection.

Olive Cotton Award 2011

The Olive Cotton competition is an award for portrait photography. My photo, “They call me Bull’ was a finalist exhibited at the Tweed Regional Gallery

NSW Parliamentary Plein Air Photographic Prize 2011

This is an acquisitive prize for landscape photography in which I was awarded Third Prize.

for  a climate change based photo called “it’s a sign..”

First Prize Byron Bay Arts Classic (photography) 2011

A large regional competition held in this iconic town.

The photos was a nude called “Vase with Magnolia.”